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iPhone 5?

The new feature for iPhone 5 are listed below.  What exactly makes them so different than iPhone4?

  • The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it… That is, unless they steal your face too. (Anyone seen Face Off?)
  • Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one
  • Much nicer overall body design of the phone. It’s going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece.
  • Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen (Bulak-bulak!!! Pakatan Haram!!)
  • The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory. I’ll be able to store my whole computer on the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me.
  • Longer Battery Life – Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. With 14 hours of talking to my girlfriends, I’m only going to have 10 hours to sleep =(
  • HD Audio – The quality of sound is going to be extra crisp.
  • Built In GPS – You’ll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.


There is another breakthrough story happening in Miri.  As we all know, the Prime Minister meets the ADUN, while political secretary has another hidden agenda.  It is believed that below minutes were taking place at that particular moments.
  • To identify the Malay PBB assemblymen or assemblywomen who could be roped into the pro-UMNO PBB group 
  • To identify the Malay-majority constituencies which pro-UMNO PBB candidates could be fielded to replace the incumbents who are certain to resist any efforts to join the group; and
  • To find ways to create frictions or tensions among all political parties in the State BN of which when the situation has become chaotic, UMNO would be coming into Sarawak as the God-sent saviour

Read more of this event at  Sebanaku-Sarawak


The Motorola Xoom has super-fast dual-core processor running on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). It contained powerful Google developed software specifically designed for tablet market. It has front 2MP and rear facing 5 MP camera, a camcoder with Adobe Flash Player mounted on an 10.1 inches widescreen HD display.  

Motorola Xoom is the first tablet running with Honeycomb.  Way much better than Samsung Tablet with Android Froyo.  Google has tweaked the interface giving tab browsing capability, comparable with a small monitor PC with flash enabled.  It is equipped with mini USB and HDMI-port along with Wifi and 3G connectivity.  I bet what would the iPad boss feels when this ultra sensation hits town right after Valentine.  It will be Xoom fever all over.  Maybe BlackBerry Playbook can cure this sickness?


I am sure many people have tried to update to the latest version of iOS 4.2.1 which apple has released and some of iphone 4 users have encountered  some problem while updating to latest ios 4.2.1 version. so if you are one of theme then here is one of the solution for you.

if you are updating your idevice via itune then you still get 1013,1611 error still there is no proper solution available for it and apple has not announced anything for it but you can try this step to avoid error code.

How to Fix Error Code 1013:

Mac OS X:

Step 1 : Go to your “Applications” folder
Step 2 : Go to your “Utilities” folder
Step 3 : Launch “Terminal”
Step 4 : Type “sudo nano /etc/hosts” (without quotes) and hit return
Step 5 : Enter your password
Step 6 : Use the down arrow key to find the “” entries. Once the cursor is in front, make sure you comment out the line(s) by entering “#” (no quotes) in front of the text.
Step 7 : Save the file by pressing CONTROL+O on the keyboard
Step 8 : Exit the nano editor by pressing CONTROL+X on the keyboard
Step 9 : Restore your iDevice

Step 1. Start –> Programs –> Accessories
Step 2. Run Notepad or WordPad
Step 3. Click “Open..” from File menu.
Step 4. Browse to Windows/System32/drivers/etc
Step 5. In “files of type:” select all documents
Step 6. Open “hosts”
Step 7. Delete all line that has “” or something like that
Step 8. Hit Save
Step 9. Restore your device.

Well most website doesn’t say this but you must authorize the desktop and login to iTunes.  What I did is to allow iTunes to connect with my account and after that I start to upgrade the iOS.

For Celcom users, carrier upgrade will be asked upon complete boot up. This will remove the MY before the Celcom!!
Stay tune with us for more tips and how to guide for iphone, ipad and ipod touch.


Agong survived the Sukhoi.  He flew on the most advanced superjet in Malaysia.  It must be really exciting to get on one of those superjet.   Based on his smile and expressions I believed he really enjoyed being flown on the Sukohoi.  It was indeed a grace to be flown with the Agong inside.  Asghar, the pilot, must be excited and thrilled at the same time flying with the most important man in Malaysia and throttling the most expensive jets in Malaysia!!
Have a nice flight Sukhoi!!!
Sukhoi (Flanker-C) SU-30MKM 
A derivative of the India-Russian MKI, the MKM is a highly specialized version for Royal Malaysian Air Force (M is for ‘Malaysia’ ). It includes Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) and canards but with avionics from various countries. It will feature head-up displays (HUD), navigational forward-looking IR system (NAVFLIR) and Damocles Laser Designation pod (LDP) from Thales Group of France, MAW-300 missile approach warning sensor (MAWS), RWS-50 RWR and laser warning sensor (LWS) from SAAB AVITRONICS (South Africa) as well as the Russian NIIP N011M BARS PESA radar, electronic warfare (EW) system, optical-location system (OLS) and a glass cockpit.  ..wikipedia

Agong Mizan giving thumbs up

 Agong Flown On Sukhoi Fighter Jet

BUTTERWORTH: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin was today flown on a Sukhoi SU-30MKM fighter jet in conjunction with his visit at the air force base here.

The aircraft, piloted by Squadron Commanding Officer II Lt-Col Mohd Asghar Khan Gauriman Khan, flew in a supersonic speed over Langkawi, Kedah and Penang and landed back 45 minutes later.

It was accompanied by another fighter jet, the FA/18D Hornet.

Royal Malaysian Air Force commander Gen Tan Sri Rodzali Daud told reporters Tuanku Mizan was happy and thrilled by the experience.

Earlier, Tuanku Mizan arrived at the base and greeted by Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Chief of Defence Forces Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin and Rodzali.

He then inspected a guard-of-honour and was later briefed on the Sukhoi SU-30MKM fighter jet.

He also visited the fighter jet simulation and a static display of the aircraft before ending his visit at 2pm. — BERNAMA


SimplyMEPIS Logon
Pentium III 20GB HDD 256 MB RAM with OpenGL
This week I have been working on IBM Net Vista. I got it from my friends who won it from an auction.   He told me it was too old, ( Pentium III) with an OpenGL graphic card. He wanted to dispose it because he told me it was too slow with 256 MB RAM.  20GB HDD and CD ROM.

Details and package versions

SimplyMepis is based on a mix of Debian Sarge and Sid. 

  • Kernels 2.4.26 and 2.6.7
  • KDE 3.2.3
  • 1.1.2
  • Gimp 2.0.4
  • Mozilla 1.7.2
  • Skype 1.0
  • Quanta 3.2
  • K3B 0.11.14
  • Audacity 1.2
I told him just give it to me so that I will try to hack it with linux. I had difficult times getting the working linux for this old system.  Luckily I came across simplyMEPIS debian based ubuntu type distro.  Most of the website gave excellent rating for it.  I used to play with Mandrake, Mandriva, Knoppix and this is another challenge for me.  
I burnt the iso from a nearby mirror site. 
Burnt it using Nero and walla I had to give it a try.
The problem I encountered was installing the distro to the hard disk via a CD ROM.  After getting through the Net Vista Boot Sequence I still faced the CD ROM won’t read or boot up the distro disc.  I opened up the CD ROM and swapped it with my mate’s CD ROM and it start to boot up just like any other Live Linux on CD distro.   
All I can say is that the old IBM Net Vista is now able to run online with mozilla firefox and konqueror.  It has preconfigured KDE able to housed 4 separate desktop. 
I put it in my living room and my guest now can access the internet.  I did hook up usb keyboard and usb apple keyboard to replace the old IBM keyboard.  It is neat.  

It is indeed 20/20 for SimplyMepis.  No need to install driver. Just plug the internet cable and etch0 is automatically connected. 


Untethered Jailbreak for Windows is finally here.  It was announced by Redmondpie earlier.  Now iPhone4 with iOS 4.2.1 can start enjoying their holiday and festive season by jailbreaking their iGadgets.
What a lovely angpow this year with the new release by Chronic Dev Team.  It has been the long wait since the last jailbreak for window platform.  What I can say is MARVELOUS!
I am updating my iOS as this thesis is being written. Saw this announcement through rockmelt from twitter account.   Those that wishes to follow me may do so @semicyber on twitter.
For clear methods and guideline to jailbreak just read through from the link provided below or watch the video.  Don’t worry jailbreaking is not illegal and you won’t want to isolate fun from iPhone4 by jailbreaking??

GreenPois0n RC5 iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak for Windows Now Available for Download
Redmondpie,com By Taimur Asad | February 6th, 2011




Families are now happy upon hearing that Malaysian Student in Egypt are being evacuated to Jeddah before flown home.   The Malaysian Government are working around the clock closely with the Malaysian Embassy to ensure the safety of thousands of students there.  
Students are also advised to contact the Malaysian Embassy and avoid going to high risk places.  They are not to be involved in the Egyptian internal matters there.  
Apart from taking flights, the Bunga Mas Navy will provide support to evacuate Malaysian to safety as well, Jeddah has been identified as the meeting points before leaving to KLIA.  
Well done to the Malaysian Embassy for fast and immediate responds before things become worse in Egypt.

Egypt Crisis: Flights To KLIA Cancelled, Malaysians To Be Evacuated To Jeddah
Posted in BERNAMA, February 03, 2011 19:00 PM
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 (Bernama) — The earlier plan to evacuate Malaysians from Cairo direct to Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled due to the latest situation in the crisis-hit Egypt, the prime minister’s political secretary Datuk Shahlan Ismail said.

He said the first flight carrying Malaysians from Cairo, which was earlier scheduled to land at KL International Airport at 5am Friday, would instead land in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Shahlan told Bernama that the change in the plan had to be carried out so that the aircraft could be fully utilised to provide shuttle flights between Jeddah and Cairo, allowing for the evacuation of a bigger number of people.

“All aircraft operated by Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and the Royal Malaysian Air Force will operate round-the-clock between Jeddah and Cairo.

“We want to take out as many people as possible due to the worsening situation in Egypt,” he said.

Shahlan told Bernama earlier in the morning that the first flight out of Egypt, carrying 309 people including students and those who are pregnant and sick, was scheduled to land at KLIA at 5am Friday.

He said there would be two flights from Cairo to Jeddah on Thursday and 12 more on Friday.

The navy’s Bunga Mas 5 auxiliary ship would take part in the operation on Saturday, he added.

Shahlan appealed to Malaysians in Egypt to be patient and not resorting to any acts of provocation.

“There is no need for any action that could aggravate the situation. The government has pledged to take all Malaysians irrespective of which state they are from. I hope that they can be patient,” he said.

Shahlan is now in Egypt as part of the Malaysian monitoring team led by Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay.



Malaysian Student Department (MSD) in Cairo is working around the clock keeping tabs on the students’ well-being there.  Most registered student are confirmed safe and unharmed.  However those students not registered under Malaysian Student Department are adviced to do so immediately.  
It is well known rumours that has been spreading out that your family could avoid being taxed by the LHDN if they are not registered with the Malaysian Student Department.  Well as mentioned earlier this is just rumours.  Please co-operate with the government and Malaysian Embassy by notifying them upon your arrival and your current whereabout!!! This is to ensure MSD can protect you during any unwelcomed incident such as the riot that is currently happening in Cairo.  
Malaysian are adviced not to be involved with other country internal matters there and are adviced to focus on their studies!!!
Malaysians in Cairo safe — Wisma Putra

Posted on January 31, 2011, Monday

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian citizens, including students, in Egypt, which is besieged by street protests, are safe, said Wisma Putra in a statement yesterday.

It said parents should not be unduly worried as the Malaysian Embassy and the Malaysian Students Department in Cairo were keeping tabs on the situation.

Malaysian citizens have been told to avoid high-risk places and be vigilant at all times, said the statement.

It said the Foreign Ministry had set up an operation room (Tel: 03-88892746, 03-88874570 Putrajaya) for family members to make enquiries.

They could also call up minister counsellor Saharudin Hassan, second secretary Samsul Kahar Kamarudin or third secretary Iskandar Harman at the Malaysian Embassy in Cairo 00-202-37610013 extension 116 or 00-202-37610164, it added.

Meanwhile, MARA director-general Ibrahim Ahmad said the safety of Malaysian students in Egypt was under control and Mara headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and its office in Cairo were monitoring the situation.

He said Mara was working closely with the National Security Council and Wisma Putra on safety measures to be adopted by Mara students in Egypt.

Ibrahim urged Mara students to abide by the advice given by the embassy and avoid going to high-risk places.

MARA is sponsoring about 1,000 medical and dentistry students at several university in Egypt.

Family members can contact the MARA Education Sponsorship Division (Kuala Lumpur) at 019-2720649 or 019-3883121 for information. — Bernama


Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam was reported by The Borneo Post, at the  book re-launching ceremony of a memoir by former state politician, the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Yong.
Dr George Chan also reminded the Chinese to choose progress by staying and moving forward with Barisan Nasional and SUPP.   He also commented that Barisan Nasional has proven themselves to bring Sarawak and the Chinese community forward unlike any other parties

He also reminded the Chinese community to choose their representative wisely.  Put the candidate that will bring harmony to our community and not otherwise.  

During his speech, he honoured the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Yong.  

“…He was right in many things including his move in establishing the party”

Remain with BN to progress, Chinese told

by Antonia Chiam. Posted on January 28, 2011, Friday

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam said yesterday that the Chinese must stay with the government in order to progress.  

“We must be inside the decision-making group for things to get done. There is no point shouting from outside as nothing can be accomplished,” he said at the re-launching ceremony of a memoir by former state politician, the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Yong.

Dr Chan, who is Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president, said history had proven Yong to be right in many things including his move in establishing the party.

“He (Yong) was everything a real politician should be.

He always told me not to worry about what others say as there will always be people who distract and say negative things. Just go ahead with what you believe is right, and history will prove you right,” he said.

Dr Chan pointed out that it was important for the Chinese to realise that the person they put up as their representative must be able to do things for the community and not just sweet-talk.

“Today, if the Chinese are not represented in the government, Sarawak would not have gone as far as it had.

Tan Sri Yong had helped to shape the racial unity that we have today, which enabled us to move forward in a fair and just society.

“Always be careful of people who sweet-talk as they can compromise our racial harmony and religious freedom,” he pointed out.

Dr Chan in his speech also commended Yong’s contributions to the state in the early days.

“His political foresightedness contributed greatly to the emergence of the state Barisan Nasional government in 1970, a political model stressing on power sharing, stability and racial harmony, which resulted in rapid social and economic development in the state.

“His wisdom, selflessness and righteous stand on issues such as Chinese education, communist insurgence, political detainees and the new villages brought about a significant change in the lives of people from all walks of life in Sarawak.

“Tan Sri Yong was indeed a great son of Sarawak,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Yong’s son Philip, when the first edition of the book came out in 1998, there were already plans by Yong to re-edit it to include newer materials.

“Sadly the plan did not take place and my father passed away in 2001, shortly after his 80th birthday.

“I began the re-editing by rearranging the original material written in long-hand by my late father and making everything easier to read.

“Our family members and friends had helped a lot especially with the proofreading.

“Hopefully, the Chinese edition will be out by end of this year,” said Philip.

The memoir ‘A Life Twice Lived’, details the illustrious life of the late Yong, who served as deputy chief minister from 1970 to 1974 and as federal minister of science, technology and environment from 1982 to 1990.

He was the first local-born lawyer in the state and was involved in the formation of Malaysia.

Yong was one of the pivotal movers in establishing SUPP in 1959 and served as the party’s secretary-general for 22 years (1959-1981) and chairman for eight years (1982-1990).

‘A Life Twice Lived’ is now available at all major bookstores and is priced at RM25.