Quite a catchy phrase.  Well what exactly is Foursquare, #4sq.  Based from Telegraph, this application is currently running with more than 2 millionth users worldwide.  What is so unique about this application?

It is like a game in your handheld. When you come to a location. This is what you’re suppose to do if you are using 4sq.

  1. Open your Foursquare application.
    1. Logging in if you have not done so.
  2. Click Check In.
  3. Find the name of the location from the list
  4. Add new venue if it is not available
  5. Click Check In
    1. Check these options below to let the world know your whereabout.
      1. Send to friends is 4sq
      2. Send to twitter
      3. Send to Facebook

You get rewarded in real life by becoming the Mayor of that particular location when you visit it frequently! Whenever your friend or any 4sq users check in there again, your name will be announced to them as the Mayor of that place.  Watch out!! When they started to frequent that place often, you my friend will get ousted from being the Mayor and the new user will take your place.

You can view the leaderboard, from your 4sq profile, to know your ranking among your friends and this will reset weekly.  You get points by visiting more locations and sometimes even unlocking a few badges when you reach certain points.  It is indeed fun and there is no limit to this 4sq game.

Tips could be added to tell your friends or to remind you what to be expected there!!  Tips can be cultural, religion,  favorite food and even best seating location in the local restaurant.  So what are you waiting for. Unlock your city!!!

Below is the crackberry video guide on how-to 4sq from the Blackberry from A-to-Z.