Wait till you get your hands on this app.  My friend showed me this on her iPad, however we were too mesmerized by this app that we have forgotten to record the screen while playing it.

What is Akinator? It is a web genius trying to read your mind.  Be sure to have it connected to wifi or data plan in order for the magic lamp to work.

You will be amazed if it could guessed the character inside your mind by asking you a few questions and you replied by touching any one of these options shown below

  • Yes
  • I don’t know
  • No
  • Probably
  • Probably Not

The screenshot is shown below.

Akinator Magic Lamp

Akinator asking question

If you still don’t get it please refer to the youtube below uploaded by MinimeDrummerBoi.  

He is asking Akinator to read a character inside his mind.  The character is Solid Snake and Akinator is shown guessing his character.

You can find this inside the Appstore.