Sunday August 8, 2010 (The Star)

Blackberry Curve 8900

PETALING JAYA: The 1.5 million BlackBerry users in Malaysia need not worry. There are no plans to ban the smartphone device here, al­­though Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have done so. Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has ruled out any move to ban the use of the gadget.

“It’s clear that BlackBerry has its database in Canada, among other places, for its own interests. Some countries may feel vulnerable,” he said. Malaysian Mobile Content Pro­viders Association said it also did not fear a restriction on BlackBerry usage. Association president Azli Paat said the Multimedia Super Corridor International Advisory Panel advised the Government on such issues.

“Malaysia has about 1.5 million BlackBerry users. “There would be heavy opposition if it was banned,” he said, adding that top-level government agencies, including the police, were also using the device. Azli said Malaysian businessmen who relied on BlackBerry use in Saudi Arabia and UAE would be greatly affected. Self-confessed BlackBerry addict Datuk Latt Shariman Abdullah, who is the Prime Minister’s special functions officer, urged the device’s maker Research In Motion (RIM) to study the security issues in detail and rectify it soon. Zaid Ibrahim & Co chairman Datuk Dr Nik Norzrul Thani said the company had a legal firm branch in Dubai and the ban was a setback. “I hope the issue is resolved soon,” he said. “Without the BlackBerry, I have to lug a laptop around,” he said.

semicyber: This will be a great news for all the blackberry users in Malaysia.  Way to go!!