I was so excited after getting a phone call from the US. It is about an inclusion into a Society called below.  Before this, I never knew the society or what they did?  But after performing an interview than a google search I came across the website with the thesis below. 
I didn’t like it when at first they said we do not have to pay anything and after that they insist on us calling our friends with international cards to make payment for our membership fee which is like USD$800 (Regular) and USD$900 (Premium).  Duuh!!!


From: Name hidden
Subject: Appointment Reminder
This is a reminder of your appointment with the director, Interviewer who will be contacting you (your local time) for your 20 to 25 minute teleconference.
This appointment is the final step in our membership selection process and will determine your eligibility for inclusion into this year’s edition of the International Who’s Who of Professionals.
If for any reason you will not be available at your scheduled appointment time, please contact me as soon as possible at phone number or via email
For more information regarding the Society, you can visit our website at www.internationalwhoswho.com. We look forward to speaking with you.
Executive Assistant
International Who’s Who Headquarters
Phone Number
Friday, 16 May 2008

Scam Warning – Whos Who of Professionals

I’ve had quite a few responses recently to this post on the WHO’S WHO of Professionals recently, so obviously our friends are at it again…just wanted to to draw your attention to some of the comments I’ve received – tells it all really:

Comment 1

Good work, Nicole (ok, so they got my name wrong, hey ho). I wish I could say that I hadn’t fallen for it in 2004, but I did. At that time they claimed more than fifty thousand members world-wide, but the invitation letter was about the same. I joined and became active. IN FACT I ended up running a club free of charge and of benefit to these people while paying a huge sum of money to them for the honours.Of course, at the time, the supposed book in which entries would appear was constantly “fastly approaching the editorial deadline”,… year after year. I never received it and after showing patience began to speak legalese, after which part of my money was promptly refunded. The book still had not come out when I checked in 2006.After visiting the website:http://www.internationalwhoswho.de/and getting a strong “deja vu” feeling, I looked these people up in the Better Business Bureau databases and lo and behold I found a wealth of info on Gibralter Publishing (at the time, the core persona) and the about fifteen other names these people use.Not long after quiting IWWHS, I was approached by a new “networking” society (apparently they had shared my details) and when I asked who their executives in charge were I found several of the same North Carolina-based names from IWWHS!Unfortunately, those vane enough to list this “merit” not only advertise a questionable enterprise, but many times will have their OWN integrity questioned by those in the know! Beware!

Comment 2

Hi all,I (in France) received this e-mail a couple of weeks. And last tuesday, a woman who claimed to be in Washington proposed to me an interview with her “director” for “the final step of selection”.The day after, “the director” called me and our “interview” was interesting … he sounds actualy like a professional interviewer, but he ended the call when I choose a $800 registration option but never give him may credit card details.I hope it’s for free!!!Thank you all for your information.

Comment 3

WARNING: “WHO IS WHO”/ internationalwhoswho IS quite probably SCAM !!!I have exactly the same experience: “deadline was “fastly approaching” – this time in March 2008, and one day, when I was busy ,I gave them my information and my credit card number (we ARE busy, and this is what they take advantage of). They immediately withdrew $800 for a book and some pins & stuff I had orally been coaxed into saying “yes” to. I understood the same afternoon that this might be scam and cancelled the ‘order’. Got a letter back from them, which said “We will be more than happy to assist you with your membership cancellation as soon as the proper information is pulled. An Account Manager will get back to you as soon as possible and thank you in advance for your patience.” Signed Sabrina Fuentes. Many days later the letter from the “account manager”, Sandy Garcia, came. According to Sandy Garcia, who would from now on be my contact, the “cancellation policy” of “whoswho” was to retain 358$. I protested immediately in an e-mail to Sandy Garcia, only to receive a bounce-back e-mail that I was “not authorized to contact” Ms (Mr?) Garcia. This is no doubt SCAM, and probably
plain fraud. The method is: 1. Appeal to /boost people’s vanity, or other things which may make them feel good (for some time). Promise people something good and cheap (here: for free).2. Give the poor fool an opportunity to buy something expensive, but valuable, in addition to the free stuff.3. Be sure you have a huge “cancellation fee” – more or less hidden underneath the offer.4. Ask for the credit card numberof the stupid fool you are fooling5. Withdraw the money immediately6. When the stupid/ victim realizes that he is about to be fooled, promise your “account manager” will contact you “soon”: However, that will take so many days, that the fool/ victim will give up, or the deadline of complaint is running out.

We must warn the world against these crooks … I was one of the fools. I have learnt, and will do what I can to warn others. I will also try to sue them (very unpleasant, but – if necessary -I will grin and bear it).ViVaComment 4

hello, just had an interesting interview with these people too – you can learn a lot from their interviewing style and the gaps in their so called research – the fact that my business is not yet registered or trading, and that the relevant website is not yet active, did not seem to deter them. They also suggested that I would be able to make use of the informal social networking down the road at a local pub (450 miles away in London) and never once gave any indication of understanding what sector I might actually be in. VERY smooth interview style, very much about stroking the old ego. I swear I heard the file being deleted when I said I’d be in touch as soon as I thought such a membership
would be appropriate (ie, no thanks) – in fact I thought I was very pleasant given that someone had just asked me for $950 for what we all do through Facebook anyway.cheers (see you down the pub!), Sarah, Edinburgh

So, learning from these experience, don’t even bother to speak to these people (unless you want your ego massaged for free, then tell them you’re not interested 🙂

Posted by Helen Nicol at 16:05


Subhankar said…

I too received the same kind of “deadline is quickly approaching” message from the organization. Thanks for posting the above comments because they helped me not to give away my personal details.
Best regards,
Subhankar Tue Aug 11, 11:59:00 AM GMT
Gautam said…

Few months back I got the same posting about membership and deadline closing on.. I somehow posted my credentials.. Few days back I got a call from USA[probably.. since my caller identification can’t be detected on my phone due to some reason]. So the lady briefed me about an interview with director which she scheduled for next day.. I was somehow excited thinking the name will be selected for free and than membership if I wish.. I couldn’t find any details about the membership from site..

Very next day at exact time I got a call from a guy and he asked me about my profession and company..After which he asked a final question how I think I justify my talent in this industry..

So after this suddenly he started to describe about WHO’S WHO and such a honor being part of such an organization..Than membership fees 600$ and 800$ and there on every year 220$..

I am not sure how I was pretty convinced by his professional approach and he suddenly started asking all my credit card credential along with CVV no. in back side..

To my astonishment I gave all this information with a little hesitation thinking I am going to be part of a really big thing..

Than he transferred the call to quality department where a lady started verifying credit card information ..

Than all of a sudden it seems the transaction didn’t occur successfully for some reason and she was asking for other card.. At that time I somehow said I don’t have other card and next day I will approach the bank to credit it..

I also asked why there is no online payment from site to which she said this is the only mode of payment..

After this I found this blog and came to know truth.. But they never called me back surprisingly..

Later on I found that due to insufficient fund in my credit card the transaction became unsuccessful.. Also these days there is a master card secure code which needs to be provided before transaction..

There are the two reasons why I turned out to be a lucky guy.. I immediately called my bank and blocked my card…

I am not sure what kind of organization is this and they are running a proper website..

How to take action against this organization.. Mon Oct 12, 08:24:00 AM GMT
Anonymous said…

Wow ! I am really thankful to this Blog..I would have been one of the vicims if i wouldn’t have been a recruiter ( Headhunter ) myself..I am thankful to one of my friend who sent me this link. Wed Oct 21, 02:31:00 PM GMT
Anonymous said…

Thanks for the blog. While I trying to fill the registration form for ‘International Who’s who’, I have noticed your blog by browsing. The information in your blog really helped me to open my eyes and not being a victim of this scam. Wed Jul 28, 04:57:00 AM GMT