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DAP can’t count!!! They tried to put 800 people inside a 600 seats restaurant.  What are they trying to show?  Has they resolved to squeezing their members and supporters into a sardine can?  Why not organize a proper dinner at Grand Continental with their affiliates?  

Now they are blaming the police when policemen are just doing their jobs!  Does that means DAP will start a new police squad that will break all the laws and regulations put up by the governments just to show that their anti-government?

Who is their sane mind would think of putting 800 people inside a 600 seating restaurants?  They would only do this to provoke the authority!!!

Kuching police behaving like thugs, says DAP
SAT, 27 NOV 2010 12:41

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: Furious Sarawak DAP leaders have accused the Kuching police of “behaving like thugs” when they warned members of the public against attending a dinner function which the party had intended to hold today.

“The police are trying to be difficult and have reduced themselves to being political thugs of the Barisan Nasional to suppress the opposition.

“We can even look at the police as the 14th member of the BN. At the moment, the BN has 13 members after the Sarawak National Party left the coalition,” said DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

He was reacting to Kuching police chief Mun Kock Keong’s refusal to grant the party a permit to organise the dinner today at two restaurants at the old Batu Kawah bazaar.

According to Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, when the party applied to hold dinner on Nov 20 at the old bazaar, Mun had refused on the pretext that the two restaurants could not accommodate 800 people.

When DAP suggested to organise the dinner on Nov 21 with a reduced number of 650, Mun again rejected the request, saying that two other organisations would also be holding functions near the restaurants.

Mun had asked Chong to re-apply for the permit for the dinner at the same venue for today and had promised him to grant it.

“Early Monday morning, we submitted a fresh application. On Tuesday, I checked with the police chief who told me not to worry as he said that he would grant the permit.

“On Wednesday, we received a reply from him saying that our application to organise the dinner has been rejected. No reason was given this time,” said Chong.

He said that Mun in his press conference earlier in the day had threatened the people who would attend the dinner. He told them that anyone attending it did so at their own risks as it was considered an illegal assembly.

“Under the circumstances, we have to cancel the dinner in order to avoid any untoward incidents, clashes or fracas with the police.

“However, DAP’s elected representatives will still be there tomorrow evening at the restaurants to refund those who have bought the tickets and at the same time to explain to the would-be diners.

“I regret this whole incident. I am wondering why the BN is so afraid of us talking to the people, if they have nothing to hide. The people nowadays are more educated, have more wisdom than most politicians and they cannot be duped,” he said.

Suppressing opposition

Chong, who was also Kota Sentosa assemblyman, said the ruling coalition had been trying to gag the opposition in the State Legislative Assembly.

“Everytime we spoke at the assembly they switched off our mikes and then when we argued they suspended us. Then later they tempered with the Hansard deleting all speeches from the opposition.

“Now even outside the assembly they are trying to shut our mouths,” he said, adding that the BN was worried about the DAP talking to the people of Batu Kawah.

He added that the Batu Kawah constituency is the last foothold of the Sarawak United People’s Party in Kuching.

Four other constituencies in the city are now held by the opposition after the 2006 state election.

“The ruling coaltion is afraid of the people of Batu Kawah hearing the truth through our political talks. Now it is suppressing us using the police as their tool. The DAP will not be cowed and be silenced so easily,” he said.

Chong said that the DAP would refer the matter to a team of lawyers from the party to see what further action could be instituted against the police.

“We will keep the people informed of our action” he said


Only 1 company has the license to mine gold in Bau.  If this is true? Will there be more dispute among the gold diggers?
Naroden to verify gold rush reports
Borneo Post
by Peter Sibon and Jacob Achoi
Posted on November 26, 2010, Friday

SHRINE AT CAVE’S ENTRANCE: A makeshift shrine at the entrance of the cave at Gunung Tabai.

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Planning and Resource Management Mohd Naroden Majais will check a site at Gunung Tabai in Bau to verify reports about a gold rush.

“Since you people (media) have notified me, I will go there on a fact-finding trip to see whether the activity is legal or not,” he told reporters after launching ‘Malaysian Halal Certification Awareness Seminar’ here yesterday.

The visit, he said, would also confirm whether gold was found in the area which is actually state land.

He advised the gold prospectors to apply for proper permits from the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management, adding that those who were mining illegally should stop.

Meanwhile, Bau police chief DSP Vincent Ajeng Laing said a report on the alleged activity had been received and he had dispatched an investigating team to the area.

“Instead of finding gold miners, we found traces of their presence such as clothes, boots, food wrappings and digging tools,” he said.

Vincent said his men also found a shrine near the cave entrance.

He said the matter would be reported to the relevant authorities such as the Land and Survey Department and the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management.

Yesterday, a community leader, who declined to be identified, disclosed that as many as 100 prospectors could be mining round the clock in the area.

He disclosed that the prospectors comprised locals and outsiders.

“As the activity involved only minimal cost, it will definitely continue to attract people to try their luck,” said the community leader.

He said the gold diggers could have stumbled upon gold while searching for bird’s nests in the caves.

Bau District Officer Tom Hem Mijod said a company had been given a licence to prospect for gold in the area but he had no knowledge of any gold rush.

He said if there were any private or individual mining activities in Bau then they could be illegal as no licence had been issued.


Introducing the United Bumiputera Heritage Party Head of Information Bureau, Tan Sri Adenan Haji Satem.  He has been in the world of politics since he was 32 years old. During the 80’s, he was the champion for issues relating to NCR land and for his vast political experience he was appointed as the Special Advisor to the Chief Minister’s Department and also an assemblyman for Tanjung Dato.  


25 Nov 2010 Ong Wei Ling


KUCHING: The respect for each other’s race, religion, culture and tradition, is the mainstay of Sarawak’s peaceful existence since time immemorial.

Saying this was Special Advisor to the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Haji Satem, when asked by a foreign participant of an international conference on ‘Minority and Majority:

Language, Culture and Identity’ to reveal what it was that kept Sarawak peaceful and its multiracial people living in harmony with each other.

He said that despite all the differences in race, beliefs, culture and practices, Sarawakians could still agree with each other on a wide range of subjects, and in a worst case scenario, could still find a middle path acceptable to all.

The two-day conference which ended yesterday was organised by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s (UNIMAS) Centre for Language Studies and Malaysian Association of Modern language. The sponsors were Sarawak Convention Bureau, Bank Rakyat and Yayasan Sarawak.

During a question-and-answer session later, Adenan said that the Malay language was not just a language for the Malay but was the lingua franca of the South East Asian region.

A foreign academician had asked him about the use of the language in the country and its usage in the school system and in language relations in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, he said, there were many types of schools – international schools, national schools, binary schools and religious schools. “There is nothing that can stop these schools from developing because they follow the same (government) policy”.

He also said that one must not be too proud of one’s language and refuse to accept other languages. A good example, he added, was the almost extinct Sanskrit because its speakers in the olden days refused to accept other languages and cultures. “English in comparison is very practical and is open to any culture, and so too is Bahasa Malaysia,” he added.


Rural folks should follow what is being emphasized by Jabu.  He is in fact the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak.  He is still seating on his chair to help the Sarawakians fight anti-development preacher.  He is referring to DAP.  The so-called Democratic Action Party is just a name. They still promotes communism and hide behind their rockets!!?
Chin Peng in uniform
They only want democracy in their own way by requesting Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia to be their advisor?  In fact it should be SUPP who should fights for Chin Peng’s return but no; it is the other way around! Only DAP wants Chin Peng back!! This shows that DAP endorsed violence and have forgotten that many Dayaks lost their lives fighting against the communists? 
If you have noticed the development in Penang, it is communism being practiced again?  Everywhere is the same, same design, same building, is this the concept of communism, isn’t it?  One style one design and one bicycle?

Please be smart and follow the current trend! In Serian, DAP and PKR are being rejected!!!  If we want democracy? Barisan Nasional is the answer!! If we want development? Only Barisan Nasional could provide that!!  DAP is preaching to the wrong choir, let them know, put our feet forward and close the door whenever they knock!!!

Close the door on DAP, Jabu tells rural folk

by Yunus Yussop. Posted on November 23, 2010, Tuesday

BINTULU: In Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang’s book, the DAP is “an enemy of the people in the rural areas of Sarawak”. 

He said he viewed the party as such because they often questioned the sincerity of the government in trying to improve the socio-economic status of the people through various types of programmes, such as the development of Native Customary Rights (NCR) land into oil palm plantations.

“DAP does not want to see people in the rural areas participate in joint ventures to develop their NCR land. They want the people to remain laid back,” he said during a gathering in Rumah Limin Anai in Sungai Sebungan, Sebauh, on Sunday.

Also present were Assistant Minister of Public Health and Utilities Dr Stephen Rundi Utom, Bintulu District Officer Tuah Suni, Bintulu Pemanca Utong Sigan and longhouse chief Limin Anai.

Jabu told those present that the opposition purposely distorted the development of NCR land just for political mileage.

The fact is that with the development of the NCR land, rural folks now enjoy monthly income of thousands of ringgit from oil palm yield,” he pointed out.

In addition to that, the development of NCR land had also brought in infrastructure development, such as the building of roads.

DAP is only good at criticising and twisting facts. They are claiming that they are superior to the Barisan Nasional (BN),” he said.

Jabu, who is also Minister of Modernisation and Agriculture, said one only had to look at Penang to see what the opposition is worth. Penang, which is under the leadership of DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, had not been able to match the capacity of the Sarawak state government in many areas.

“Budget 2011 provides Penang with only RM900 million. Sarawak, on the other hand, will spend RM3.6 billion on development next year.

“So, how can they (DAP) say they are better than the BN?” he asked.

Jabu also mentioned that some time ago, the DAP was all for the return of the former secretary-general of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) Chin Peng to Malaysia. Their stance, he said, showed that the DAP endorsed violence.

Many in the security forces lost their lives fighting the communists, including Ibans who were serving under the now defunct Sarawak Rangers. Their (Ibans) remains were eventually buried in the peninsula.

“Is this the kind of leadership we want in Sarawak?” he asked.

The function, among others, saw Jabu presenting incentives amounting to RM662,515 to 789 landowners who were involved in an oil palm joint-venture project with DDE Plantation Sdn Bhd. The plantation spans 4,416 hectares.


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Sarawak to get second General Hospital

November 17, 2010

KUCHING, Nov 17 — Sarawak’s second general hospital will be located in Petrajaya here, and is expected to be completed by 2014.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the new hospital would lessen the high number of patients and cases which were currently referred to the Sarawak General Hospital here.

He said the Sarikei Hospital would also be upgraded as a specialist hospital to cater to people in the surrounding divisions and lessen the waiting time of certain cases.

He said, another heart specialist hospital would begin operations early next year, at the Sarawak International Medical Centre in Kota Samarahan near here.

Liow was speaking after a working visit to the Betong Hospital in Betong yesterday.

Given that the average life span of Malaysians had improved over the years, with men reaching 72 and women, 76.4, the minister said the situation warranted more rural clinics to give the public the best health service.

Liow noted that the service of Malaysian doctors was on par with those in developed countries. — Bernama


To all my muslim friends, 

Have a wonderful Eid Ul Adha.  Eat responsibly and be safe.


Count me out

by Samuel Aubrey. Posted on November 15, 2010, Monday
Salleh Jafaruddin says he is too old to consider becoming active in politics again

Datuk Salleh Jafaruddin
KUCHING: Former political heavyweight Datuk Salleh Jafaruddin, 67, said he has no plans to contest in the state election which is due in July next year.
“Old man like me can’t be active in politics anymore,” he said when met by reporters after a public forum organised by Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) yesterday.
Rumours have been rife in recent weeks that Salleh, who is a former Deputy Education Minister and a close relative of Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and former Head of State Tun Datuk Patinggi Abdul Rahman Yakub, might contest in the state election.
His re-appearance, after being absent from active politics for decades, has prompted many political observers to wonder if he was indeed eyeing a comeback.
Salleh described all talks about him returning to state politics as “just rumours” and that the elections should be left to “younger candidates”.
“There’s no truth in the rumours…you have to ask the rumour mongers themselves,” he said.
Salleh also claimed that he had not been approached by any party to contest in the election.
“At the moment, none (approach me),” he said, adding that he has been staying in Kuala Lumpur for some 30 years now and planned to write books.
On being a speaker at the MoCS forum, Salleh explained that his presence was merely as a concerned citizen about the affairs in the state.
“We just contribute what we can while we are still alive,” he said, stressing that he was not a member of MoCS.
MoCS, which brands itself as a social reform movement, is led by veteran journalist Francis Siah, who also spoke at the forum which was chaired by legal advisor See Chee How. See is Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak’s information chief.
Salleh has stayed away from the political scene for some 20 years now. He first entered politics in the 1970s as state assemblyman for Balingian, under the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) ticket.
In 1977, he was appointed a senator and later made the deputy education minister.
A year later, he won the Mukah parliamentary seat. In 1983, he stood in Oya and won the seat uncontested.
But three years later, he stood as an Independent in the Mukah parliamentary seat and lost to (now Dato Sri) Dr Muhammad Leo Toyad of BN-PBB during the general election.
As one of the leaders of the now-defunct Persatuan Malaysia Sarawak (Permas) during the ‘Ming Court’ days, he managed to win the Subis seat but it was not enough to help the party form the state government.
In the 1990 general election, he contested under a Permas ticket but lost by a wafer thin majority of 287 votes to then Sarawak National Party (SNAP) president Datuk Amar James Wong inBintulu. His last attempt was in 1991 in Belawai.
Salleh, who again contested under Permas ticket, lost by 349 votes to (now Datuk) Hamden Ahmad of BN-PBB in a straight fight.


Sunday, November 14th, 2010 21:01:00

KUCHING: Sarawak’s 10th election, expected to be held next year, will see an unprecedented cyber war between the ruling and opposition parties in the state.

Umno Youth New Media Unit chairman Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz said the party, together with the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) Youth New Media Unit, would work closely to come up with an aggressive strategy to counter baseless allegations which might be posted over the internet.

“Specifically, we will coordinate any information with the PBB Youth New Media Unit so that any national issue that has bearing with Sarawak could be handled and explained very quickly ,” he told reporters after a meeting chaired by PBB Youth Media Unit chief Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan here Sunday.

“For us, at national level, we must explain the real issue and disseminate it very quickly so that the people will not be easily influenced by baseless allegations,” he said, adding that apart from national issues, Umno would assist in disseminating information on issues affecting Sarawak, such as that of the Penan.

He said the March 2008 general election had given the Barisan Nasional component party a valueable lesson on the need to effectively tackle the cyber war campaign.

Abdul Aziz, who is also PBB Youth Information chief, said one of the strategies being adopted would involve answering or explaining any issue without resorting to personal attacks.

Later, the PBB Youth New Media Unit handed over 900 ‘baju kurung’ and ‘baju Melayu’ for the Kedah flood victims as part of their social responsibility.

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