Rural folks should follow what is being emphasized by Jabu.  He is in fact the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak.  He is still seating on his chair to help the Sarawakians fight anti-development preacher.  He is referring to DAP.  The so-called Democratic Action Party is just a name. They still promotes communism and hide behind their rockets!!?
Chin Peng in uniform
They only want democracy in their own way by requesting Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia to be their advisor?  In fact it should be SUPP who should fights for Chin Peng’s return but no; it is the other way around! Only DAP wants Chin Peng back!! This shows that DAP endorsed violence and have forgotten that many Dayaks lost their lives fighting against the communists? 
If you have noticed the development in Penang, it is communism being practiced again?  Everywhere is the same, same design, same building, is this the concept of communism, isn’t it?  One style one design and one bicycle?

Please be smart and follow the current trend! In Serian, DAP and PKR are being rejected!!!  If we want democracy? Barisan Nasional is the answer!! If we want development? Only Barisan Nasional could provide that!!  DAP is preaching to the wrong choir, let them know, put our feet forward and close the door whenever they knock!!!

Close the door on DAP, Jabu tells rural folk

by Yunus Yussop. Posted on November 23, 2010, Tuesday

BINTULU: In Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang’s book, the DAP is “an enemy of the people in the rural areas of Sarawak”. 

He said he viewed the party as such because they often questioned the sincerity of the government in trying to improve the socio-economic status of the people through various types of programmes, such as the development of Native Customary Rights (NCR) land into oil palm plantations.

“DAP does not want to see people in the rural areas participate in joint ventures to develop their NCR land. They want the people to remain laid back,” he said during a gathering in Rumah Limin Anai in Sungai Sebungan, Sebauh, on Sunday.

Also present were Assistant Minister of Public Health and Utilities Dr Stephen Rundi Utom, Bintulu District Officer Tuah Suni, Bintulu Pemanca Utong Sigan and longhouse chief Limin Anai.

Jabu told those present that the opposition purposely distorted the development of NCR land just for political mileage.

The fact is that with the development of the NCR land, rural folks now enjoy monthly income of thousands of ringgit from oil palm yield,” he pointed out.

In addition to that, the development of NCR land had also brought in infrastructure development, such as the building of roads.

DAP is only good at criticising and twisting facts. They are claiming that they are superior to the Barisan Nasional (BN),” he said.

Jabu, who is also Minister of Modernisation and Agriculture, said one only had to look at Penang to see what the opposition is worth. Penang, which is under the leadership of DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, had not been able to match the capacity of the Sarawak state government in many areas.

“Budget 2011 provides Penang with only RM900 million. Sarawak, on the other hand, will spend RM3.6 billion on development next year.

“So, how can they (DAP) say they are better than the BN?” he asked.

Jabu also mentioned that some time ago, the DAP was all for the return of the former secretary-general of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) Chin Peng to Malaysia. Their stance, he said, showed that the DAP endorsed violence.

Many in the security forces lost their lives fighting the communists, including Ibans who were serving under the now defunct Sarawak Rangers. Their (Ibans) remains were eventually buried in the peninsula.

“Is this the kind of leadership we want in Sarawak?” he asked.

The function, among others, saw Jabu presenting incentives amounting to RM662,515 to 789 landowners who were involved in an oil palm joint-venture project with DDE Plantation Sdn Bhd. The plantation spans 4,416 hectares.