DAP can’t count!!! They tried to put 800 people inside a 600 seats restaurant.  What are they trying to show?  Has they resolved to squeezing their members and supporters into a sardine can?  Why not organize a proper dinner at Grand Continental with their affiliates?  

Now they are blaming the police when policemen are just doing their jobs!  Does that means DAP will start a new police squad that will break all the laws and regulations put up by the governments just to show that their anti-government?

Who is their sane mind would think of putting 800 people inside a 600 seating restaurants?  They would only do this to provoke the authority!!!

Kuching police behaving like thugs, says DAP
SAT, 27 NOV 2010 12:41

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: Furious Sarawak DAP leaders have accused the Kuching police of “behaving like thugs” when they warned members of the public against attending a dinner function which the party had intended to hold today.

“The police are trying to be difficult and have reduced themselves to being political thugs of the Barisan Nasional to suppress the opposition.

“We can even look at the police as the 14th member of the BN. At the moment, the BN has 13 members after the Sarawak National Party left the coalition,” said DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

He was reacting to Kuching police chief Mun Kock Keong’s refusal to grant the party a permit to organise the dinner today at two restaurants at the old Batu Kawah bazaar.

According to Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, when the party applied to hold dinner on Nov 20 at the old bazaar, Mun had refused on the pretext that the two restaurants could not accommodate 800 people.

When DAP suggested to organise the dinner on Nov 21 with a reduced number of 650, Mun again rejected the request, saying that two other organisations would also be holding functions near the restaurants.

Mun had asked Chong to re-apply for the permit for the dinner at the same venue for today and had promised him to grant it.

“Early Monday morning, we submitted a fresh application. On Tuesday, I checked with the police chief who told me not to worry as he said that he would grant the permit.

“On Wednesday, we received a reply from him saying that our application to organise the dinner has been rejected. No reason was given this time,” said Chong.

He said that Mun in his press conference earlier in the day had threatened the people who would attend the dinner. He told them that anyone attending it did so at their own risks as it was considered an illegal assembly.

“Under the circumstances, we have to cancel the dinner in order to avoid any untoward incidents, clashes or fracas with the police.

“However, DAP’s elected representatives will still be there tomorrow evening at the restaurants to refund those who have bought the tickets and at the same time to explain to the would-be diners.

“I regret this whole incident. I am wondering why the BN is so afraid of us talking to the people, if they have nothing to hide. The people nowadays are more educated, have more wisdom than most politicians and they cannot be duped,” he said.

Suppressing opposition

Chong, who was also Kota Sentosa assemblyman, said the ruling coalition had been trying to gag the opposition in the State Legislative Assembly.

“Everytime we spoke at the assembly they switched off our mikes and then when we argued they suspended us. Then later they tempered with the Hansard deleting all speeches from the opposition.

“Now even outside the assembly they are trying to shut our mouths,” he said, adding that the BN was worried about the DAP talking to the people of Batu Kawah.

He added that the Batu Kawah constituency is the last foothold of the Sarawak United People’s Party in Kuching.

Four other constituencies in the city are now held by the opposition after the 2006 state election.

“The ruling coaltion is afraid of the people of Batu Kawah hearing the truth through our political talks. Now it is suppressing us using the police as their tool. The DAP will not be cowed and be silenced so easily,” he said.

Chong said that the DAP would refer the matter to a team of lawyers from the party to see what further action could be instituted against the police.

“We will keep the people informed of our action” he said