With the exposure of blunt story inside Sarawak Report, PKR Baru Bian is hiding away.  The fear of being summoned due to forging the SSM documents and publishing it with few edited pieces in their blogs. 
Chong and Baru Bian
This is the right time for DAP to take action and to gain back the majority after promising to give way to PKR’s candidate.  The opposition fights among themselves to gain majority to be able to become the CM of Sarawak!? How can a chinese majority area be represented by PKR?  This is the issue being highlighted inside audie61’s blog.  

Audie61 is convinced that DAP Chong Chieng Jen will not stand in Sentosa since SUPP Alfred Yap has turned that area into the grey zone for DAP?  DAP is rumored to put a new face coming from legal background, believed to have established a legal firm in Kota Sentosa?  Should they lose to SUPP Alfred Yap then they know the answer to spin that this is due to a new inexperienced choice?  

DAP Chong will likely battle SUPP in Padungan and trying very hard to convince PKR to fight elsewhere.  He is confident that he will likely hold the reigning title of The Idol of Chinese Youth.  He is clean and claimed that his fruits of labor could be seen in Kuching from the Spring shopping mall to Swinburne University Sarawak Campus establishment in Kuching?!!?

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